Monday, September 22, 2014

Time Flies

Summer is drawing to an end.
This means that it is back to school, work, friends, and busy days for the next NINE months. 
I have been so busy this past summer that I have barely even thought about this blog!
Some new improvements have happened since we moved in. We FINALLY got curtains in our dinning room, bathroom, and kitchen! 

YAY for privacy!

I have worked like crazy all summer but in my spare time, I found that I could get through FIVE whole seasons of Desperate Housewives and TWO whole seasons of Rizzoli and Isles!

I am keeping up with those two shows and am now adding Castle to the mix! 

School, sports, friends, working out, shows, and work (not in that order) is sounding more and more busy as the month goes on! 

I will start complaining about school soon but I will probably give it a week or so!

Until tomorrow.... or whenever!

Some pictures from this summer.
Oh yeah, turning 21 happened.

Fair Night:

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