Friday, May 30, 2014

The Last Stretch.

Dead week is almost here! This past week has been crazy with homework and projects and all I can say is, "TGIF". I have been very fortunate to hang out with my future roomies at Froyo and I was even able to see my best friend in the whole world for a couple of hours!

My week only gets better, besides me having a tiny tick on my tummy! (eww) Today, Friday, I have no plans. I will finish my art project, learn a song on my ukulele, workout, and probably watch a movie! 

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will get my car washed in the morning and be on my way to Seattle by the afternoon! What's in Seattle? THE MARINERS GAME! Of course Monday I will have to return to the reality of school. BUT only two more weeks and it is officially SUMMER!

Besides working, Hoopfest is coming up, my friend will be all moved out, then in July, my roomies and I can join the grownups and move out ourselves! 

All I know is that I'm almost there!

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